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I went to the RUS therapy with great curiosity - I had good references, but still I didn't really know what to expect from it. Honestly, I was very surprised by the course, I had no idea how deeply rooted emotions could be, and their revelation surprised me. A few days after the therapy, I began to notice that I was handling the complex life situation I was in with unusual calmness and foresight. Be at peace with yourself. The therapy gave me strength, but above all inner peace and lightness. I can't describe it better. At the same time, I perceive a certain change in the behavior of those around me - as if my feeling of inner peace affects others as well...


I went to RUS therapy to solve a problem with my son, who very often upset me for no reason. I realized that my reactions were inadequate at certain times and I did not want to transfer my bad feelings and reactions to my child. After cleaning for a while, I couldn't believe how my feelings for my son were related to my father and my childhood. What surprised me the most was that after the therapy, I had missed calls on my phone from my father, whom I had not spoken to for two years. So I came to sort out my son, but since therapy we have a beautiful relationship with my father, which I didn't expect and didn't even primarily want to deal with. I was very surprised by the therapy and I definitely recommend it, it's worth it.


I came to solve the problem with myoma, which has been bothering me for several years. It was my first experience with RUS therapy and I was a little worried at the beginning about how it would go. After a few minutes of rooting out my problem and starting to clean I felt immediate relief and literally felt my blocks fall off of me and the heaviness seemed to disappear. I can't even put into words how grateful I am for what I solved in therapy and the impact it had on my health - myoma shrunk by half during the following month, and neither did the doctor who I was supervising explanation. I recommend RUŠka to all ten, go for it, it's worth it!


I was very surprised by the Ruš method. I had no idea that during one session I could solve so much with Péta and get to the bottom of it, as they say.
We discussed the topic in depth with Péťa, and what I was afraid of for a large part of my life is no longer so scary. And that's after the first session! 
The therapy lasted over two hours, but I felt like it was 30 minutes. Péta really knows how to listen, she is very nice and I immediately had confidence in her. I recommend to all!


Therapy with Petra  helped and relieved me a lot. 
After the therapy I felt light and cheerful.
During the therapy, there were a few turning points - relaxation and crying - which I would not have expected again, even though I have been to 2 RUŠ before_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb5b5cf58d_cf_therapy she was, it's a miracle.
Five leadership is very pleasant, encouraging and ideal for me.
Her voice motivated me and pleasantly provided me throughout the therapy.
Thank you very much for this experience and for solving my problem in a way that I did not expect to be possible!


For a long time I hesitated whether to go to therapy. For the last six months, my relationship with father has been bothering me. I had childhood memories of him yelling at me and me being afraid of him. It spilled over into my everyday life. In the end, I decided on therapy and chose Petra. I no longer remember what made the decision for her.  But I felt that it was the right decision as soon as I came to ní She welcomed me nice and smiling. I immediately felt comfortable in her presence. Peta explained to me how we will work. The therapy lasted four hours, but I felt like it was no more than an hour. I was surprised how I didn't notice the time at all and how a smile appeared on my face after a short while. That caused the joy that those stupid feelings simply disappeared one after another. I am very happy that I chose her and I recommend her therapy to you as well. 


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