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As long as you don't change what's bothering you inside, it won't change on the outside either, and it's a great honor  to help you with that.

Walk in Nature

About therapy using the RUS method

I create my own happiness

Have you read a lot of books, watched a lot of how-to videos and still nothing has changed in your life? Are you satisfied with your life? Do you have low self-esteem? Are you low on money? Do you have chronic health problems and still nothing helps? Are you not doing well in both partner and work relationships for a long time?
Then you are right here!
The principle of therapy is that what bothers me is my problem. What you now have unpleasant feelings about, you once experienced, only with someone else and in a different situation. Therapy using the RUS method lasts up to 4 hours and is fast, efficient and effective. Your problem is solved permanently and you never live with it again and have no unpleasant feelings about it. I purposefully guide the client to the cause of his current problems, which he created by his decision already in early childhood and accompanies him into adulthood on a subconscious level. The therapy takes place in full awareness and the client is fully focused on himself. With clear and focused questions, we root out and break down the old beliefs and programs that are now holding him back and preventing him from living the free, healthy, and fulfilled life he desires.



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