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I work with the RUS method mainly for its immediate results, it is fast and effective. There is no need to solve the given problem for years and visit therapists or psychologists all your life, because with the help of the RUS Method you are able to solve this problem in one session and most importantly FOREVER.

For years I suffered from anxiety, panic attacks, depression, eczema and dog allergies. I visited a lot of therapists, psychologists, healers, but the problem always returned after a while and I was back at the beginning. I used a lot of ointments and heard a lot of doctors' opinions that it is hereditary, I will probably never get rid of it. All these problems prevented me from my normal life so much that I decided to solve it differently, to go to the core of the problem and solve the cause once and for all. I asked myself why the advice of others does not help me if I do everything as they say, why am I still struggling and not seeing results? No one told me at the time that the real cause was connected to my childhood, my relationship with my parents and my relationship with myself. When the book RUS was recommended to me after reading the first pages, I knew that this is the secret that we all have inside us, the secret of self-healing through emotions buried very deep. I didn't hesitate for a minute and decided to solve my mental and physical problems differently. My life has changed in a way that I could not even imagine before, I have a successful business and my whole life goes hand in hand with my hobbies and in harmony with my discovered self, which for many years was under the cover of diseases and the body's reaction to a life that was not in line with me. It's great to treat yourself to beautiful holidays and quality things to wear, but as I say, you still have that head with you :) So why not enjoy it all with beautiful feelings inside yourself?

The main engine is YOUR DECISION to change what causes you unpleasant feelings and the decision that you no longer want to live like this. Together we can talk about anything and no topic is taboo.

I look forward to you!

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